AOL Whitelist Information

If you are being blocked, please ask your mail system administrator to visit our troubleshooting section and open a Postmaster Support Request. Whitelisting will not remove blocks, nor is it the appropriate avenue to request unblocking. If you require a change to your feedback loop (FBL), please use the appropriate tool.

AOL whitelist programs are designed to help AOL work with organizations and individuals who send solicited bulk email while simultaneously protecting our members from unwanted email. In order to qualify for the protections offered by these programs, senders should adhere to AOL's technical guidelines and best practices.

AOL Standard Whitelist

AOL's standard whitelist protects mail from some, but not all, of AOL's spam filters. This protection can be revoked without notice at any time if AOL deems that the protected IP is no longer qualified. To be considered for the whitelist, fill out the whitelist application.

AOL Enhanced Whitelist

The Enhanced White List (EWL) delivers mail to the inbox with links & embedded images enabled, and is only available to senders that are already on the standard whitelist. All IPs on the standard whitelist are evaluated for the EWL daily, and inclusion in the EWL is granted and rescinded automatically based on the sending IP's reputation.
Each IP is evaluated separately. Individual IPs that qualify do not extend their Enhanced Whitelist status to their entire domain.