Conditions For Gaining Whitelisted Status

If you are being blocked, please ask your mail system administrator to visit our troubleshooting section and the appropriate form for unblocking. Whitelisting will not remove blocks, nor is it the appropriate avenue to request unblocking. If you require a change to your feedback loop (FBL), please use the appropriate tool.

The whitelist is designed to help AOL work with organizations and individuals who send out a high volume of solicited email. IPs on the whitelist are protected from some, but not all, of AOL's spam filters. It does not guarantee delivery of mail originating from such IPs - ultimately, mail delivery will depend upon the reputation of the sender. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before clicking "I agree" to proceed to the whitelist request form.

Remember that since whitelisting requires a feedback loop, the feedback loop guidelines and criteria also apply!

Terms and Conditions
  • Email originating from the whitelisted IP address must be compliant with the Federal CAN-SPAM Act.
  • All bulk e-mail to AOL members must be solicited, meaning that the sender has an existing and provable relationship with the e-mail recipient, and that the recipient has not requested to be opted out from future mailings. Details as the date and time when the e-mail address was obtained along with the IP address of the subscriber and the web site they visited to sign-up must be made available to AOL upon request.
  • Any e-mail sent to AOL members must conform to AOL's Community Guidelines.
  • AOL may provide daily communications to postmaster@domainname and abuse@domainname (or @IP.address if no reverse-DNS or PTR records are present) to senders who may be in violation of AOL's guidelines.
  • Periodic audits of mail, complaint, bounce and bounce acceptance volumes may result in removal of an IP address or of an organization's IP addresses fron AOL's whitelist without notice.
  • In no way does the posting of these requirements imply any affiliation, membership, sponsorship or endorsement of business or activities/practices of an organization by AOL.

Technical and Formatting Requirements:

Bulk Email Best Practices
  • Email originating from whitelisted IP addresses is advised to conform to AOL's sender best practices. Failure to adhere to these practices may have adverse effects on whitelisting and deliverability.

Unsolicited Bulk Email Policies
  • AOL, LLC does not authorize the use of its proprietary computers and computer network to accept, transmit or distribute unsolicited bulk e-mail. AOL's unsolicited bulk e-mail policy can be found at our website.

By clicking below, you agree to act in accordance with these conditions to whitelist status and further expressly acknowledge that nothing herein requires AOL to deliver mail originating from a whitelisted IP Address.

Yes. I have read and agree to abide by your Acknowledged Sender Agreement.