DYN:T1 Blocks

What is a DYN:T1 error?

A "DYN:T1" error code is a transiant failure, meaning that email is temporarily being denied from the sender. This is often related to a poor reputation of the IP Address attemping to send the mail.

Get Your IP Addesss

You can find the IP Address of your Mail Transfer Agent by sending an email in the same manner that you are receiving the error messages, to ipconfirm@postmaster.aol.com. You should receive a response containing the IP Address of your MTA.

Contact Information

Inside US: (650) 222-3333
Ouside US: +044 666 7777

Your Mail Server IP Address Ranges

You can enter multiple space/newline separated IPs and IP Ranges.

Acceptable IP Range format examples:

Description Of Information Needed