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Email Deliverability and Performance Feeds

Understanding email deliverability and performance is an important part of the relationship between email senders and mailbox providers. We want to ensure that senders have the necessary insight while we protect our users.

In contrast to panel and pixel-based tracking which can compromise the privacy and security of our users and violate our terms and policies, we are able to provide meaningful insights in a privacy conscious way.

Using data derived straight from the Yahoo mail servers, Verizon Media can help you understand your email performance better than anyone else in the industry. We provide new insights based on performance signals uniquely accessible to a mailbox provider along with engagement reporting far more accurate than traditional tracking pixels. We enhance these insights by adding context to your engagement activity for user behavioral types, campaign detection, categorization, and more. Unlike panel data sources with limited sample sizes, with hundreds of millions of active users, our insights into your mailing audience are truly representational of the overall population.

Email Marketing data feeds consist of two feeds: the Placement Feed and the Campaign Performance Feed.

The Placement Feed provides metrics on how many emails from a sender domain are delivered to the inbox, spam, and folders. It also provides metrics for error and complaint counts.

The Campaign Performance Feed provides key metrics such as delivers, opens, reads, glances, skims, deletes, and clicks for a sender domain. Metrics are broken down by sender domain and campaign.

This is all done in a privacy conscious way for our users. The Placement Feed and Campaign Performance Feed only provide aggregated counts and do not report on user-level behavior.

If you are interested you can reach out to mail-questions@verizonmedia.com to learn more about this program and the requirements to gain access.

Placement Feed Details

Field Description Field Type Data Type Example
dkim_domain DKIM domain of email. dimension varchar mail.walmart.com
ip_address The IP address of the mail server from which Yahoo Mail received the email. This will be the mail server that contacted the yahoo mta. dimension varchar
inbox_delivers Number of messages delivered to the inbox. metric long 234
spam_delivers Number of messages delivered to the spam folder. metric long 234
folder_delivers Number of messages delivered to a folder. metric long 234
error_delivers Number of messages with an error during delivery. metric long 234
complaints Number of messages that are voted as spam by the user. metric long 234
Attribute Value
Reporting granularity Hourly
Delivery granularity Hourly
Delivery SLA 12 hours
Retention 28 days
Format Avro
Backfill availability 90 days

Campaign Performance Feed Details

Field Description Field Type Data Type Example
declared_template_namespace Namespace of the ID declared by the sender on the email template. dimension String
declared_template_id ID declared by the sender on the email template. dimension String
declared_template_goal Category of email campaign as declared by sender dimension String Retargeting / Newsletter / etc
sender_domain Domain of the platform sending the email. Sender domain is only available when a template is declared. dimension String weather.com
sender_email Sender email address dimension String news@weather.com
engagement_date Engagements rounded down to the nearest hour to report on the hour level . Hours are in UTC dimension Epoch (long) 1536199200000
user_local_hour The local_hour at which the user interacted with the email (00-23 HH) dimension Integer 23
is_scrubbed 1 denotes the engagement_date is the time at which 1000 emails have been delivered for the campaign ID in delcared_template_id. This single row denotes metrics aggregated until a 1000 emails have been delivered. 0 otherwise for regular reporting dimension Integer 0 or 1
delivered Number of messages delivered. metric Integer 500
opened Number of messages opened metric Integer 300
link_clicked Number of messages where user clicked a link in the message metric Integer 150
deleted Number of messages deleted metric Integer 234
marked_read Number of messages marked as read by the client metric Integer 23
forwarded Number of messages forwarded by the user metric Integer 34
starred Number of messages marked as starred metric Integer 234
archived Number of messages archived metric Integer 43
moved Number of messages moved to some other folder metric Integer 10
push_notif_opened Number of messages where a push notification of the message was opened metric Integer 250
replied Number of messages replied to by the user metric Integer 50
marked_spam Number of messages marked as spam metric Integer 4
dwell_time_read Number of messages Read (>= 8 secs) metric Integer 150
dwell_time_glance Number of messages Glanced (< 3 secs) metric Integer 30
dwell_time_skim Number of messages Skimmed (<8 secs AND >= 3secs) metric Integer 90
Attribute Value
Reporting granularity Hourly
Delivery granularity Daily
Delivery SLA 48 hours
Retention 28 days
Format Avro
Backfill availability 90 days