RTR/RLY/DNS Block Removal Request

To report an email delivery issue and request troubleshooting assistance, please use the following form if you are the system administrator of the mail server and are receiving any of the following bounce codes:

  • RTR:*
  • RLY:*
  • DNS:*

Confirm your MTA IP Address

Additionally, you are requested to send an email to ipconfirm@postmaster.aol.com in the exact same fashion that is generating a bounce. You should receive an email back to the from address stating the mail server's IP. If this doesn't match up with what you think it should be, that is an avenue you should investigate before submitting a postmaster support request.

I don't know what error message I am receiving?

If you do not know what kind of bounce you are receiving, please run the manual telnet test from your mail server (which you will need to do anyways to submit the form). Running this test from your own computer will not yield useful results (unless your computer is the mail server!). AOL does not deliberately refuse connections to its inbound mail servers, and will always respond with a bounce if we are blocking an email.

All fields in the form are required unless indicated as optional. After filling out the form and submitting successfully, you should receive an email with confirmation that the request was submitted.

Contact Information

Inside US: (650) 222-3333
Ouside US: +044 666 7777

Email Bounce Details

Format mm/dd/yy hh:mm [AM|PM]
2/17/15 8:20 PM
02/17/15 20:20

Your Mail Server

If you are not sure
please select "Shared".

Some examples:
"bulk mail",
"internal corporate mail",

What IP(s) are you sending mail from and also receiving this particular bounce code?

You can enter multiple space/newline separated IPs and IP Ranges.

Acceptable IP Range format examples:

Telnet Test Results How to perform a Telnet Test?
Comments or Notes (Optional)